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A Mobile Gym On
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Fun, Fitness
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Our FUN BUSiness model is driven by our mission of

“Driving the Love of Fitness to the Young Child.”

FUN BUS is a mobile fitness “gym on wheels.” We bring FUN and fitness directly to children, ages 2 – 7, in a BRIGHT GREEN BUS! We refurbish retired school buses, remove their seats and line their interiors a giant rug. They’re also equipped with a surround sound stereo system and an onboard generator to power multiple AC/heater units so that children can enjoy the FUN BUS, regardless of season!. Their interiors and exterior are painted with bright, shiny colors and our logos, and they are filled with age appropriate gym equipment. We source all of the equipment to get you started but you get to decorate and add game items of your own, allowing even more creativity. We even transport the bus to you!

Each FUN BUS session is run by two certified FUN BUS instructors who lead the children through a 30-minute class of fitness fun, utilizing our 50+ FUN plans that were created just for us by industry experts. Extending the plans to an hour or more and adding in more fitness focused games, and props makes parties and special events a blast for the kiddos aboard. We are creating childhood memories, one FUN BUS at a time!

The FUN BUS On-The-Go business model allows our FUNtrepreneurs to bring FUN and fitness to the places where children visit most frequently. Usually traveling to preschools and daycares during the weekdays, the weekends are full of special event opportunities like birthday parties, family-friendly picnics, camps, religious organization events, civic events and more! The best part is, as a FUNtrepreneur, you’re able to organize and handle everything from the inside of your own home!

What’s on the inside of the FUN BUS? Ooohhhh boy. Put everything that you would have wanted, as a kid, inside a bus and add to it! We have padded mats, monkey bars, parallel bars, basketball hoops, swings, rings, climbing shapes, and more! To top it all off, class is ended by sliding out of the bus on an 8 foot slide, right out the back door! When a FUN BUS pulls up, there’s not a sad face in the crowd.

Climate Controlled

Our buses are equipped with climate-control equipment that allows our FUNtrepreneurs to continue working through the winter months. Children love the snow and the change in seasons allows you to bring a whole different element to your business!

Private Parties & Group Events

FUN BUS is not limited to public events. In fact, many parents book private events for birthday parties and other causes of celebration! This leads to different parents at these parties doing the same thing! It’s a part of a wonderful, never-ending cycle!

Lesson Plan Variety

FUN themed Lesson Plans ensure kids will remain focused and keep them coming back for more. FUN BUS builds its activities to include all children and ensure that they have a fun and exciting day of fitness.


Excellent way for a preschool to have a fitness program if they don’t have a gym. The bus comes to the center and all the children get a chance on the bus – the classes are about 1/2 hour and the kids ADORE the instructors.

– Eli Nathan
FUN BUS of Hampton Road

My son loves FUN BUS! He talks about it everyday. It is a great way for him to get some extra energy out and have a good time. I am so glad that the FUN BUS comes to his school every Friday and you can’t beat the price!

– Kayla Crouch
FUN BUS of Treasure Coast



Whether it’s for class, a birthday party, or another special event, parents love the convenience that FUN BUS provides and love that their children are learning healthy fitness habits.


With a decline in support for physical activity, principals and teachers love that FUN BUS is an affordable, effective way to make sure that children are still getting their necessary physical activity and physical education.

Event Organizers

FUN BUS is an excellent way to attract customers to an event, big or small. It helps draw people in as parents of young children are more likely to attend an event because there’s something specifically for their kids to do!

After all these years, the feeling I get in seeing kids faces light up when they see the FUN BUS coming, is still as amazing as it was my first day as a FUN BUS Owner.

– Heidi Horvath
FUN BUS FUNtrepreneur

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