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We Put The FUN BUS
In FUN BUSiness
As A Mobile Franchise

It’s time for you to hop on board!

We Put The FUN BUS
In FUN BUSiness
As A Mobile Franchise

It’s time for you to hop on board!
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Convenience in Flexibility

For our FUNtrepreneurs and the parents. You get the schedule you’ve always wanted while helping make a busy parent’s life easier!

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Freedom In Mobility

FUN BUS has wheels and is not bound to a single location. It drives business and it drives to business.

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Easily Scalable

Once you’re successfully set up at one location, you’re able use your own, easy-to-follow model to do the same elsewhere!

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Community Focused

Our FUNtrepreneurs are actively involved in their communities through networking, partnering, and the positive impact that they make.

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With FUN BUS kids franchise, you are helping children with their confidence and their social/motor skills while instilling healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

“I did not expect to be doing this well, financially, when I took this on in 2013. When I took this on, our goal was to have one bus and now, 2018, I have 8 staff, an office manager, 4 busses, and 4 territories so. IT’S AMAZING!”

– Chrissy Truberg
FUN BUS FUNtrepreneur

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Childhood obesity has been a growing issue since the 1980s. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the national obesity rate among youth ages 2 – 19 is 18.5%. This number is TRIPLE the rate that was reported in the NHANES survey from 1976 – 1980. Among children ages 2 – 5, the obesity rate is 13.9%. This is roughly 25% less than the overall youth obesity rate, but all that this means is that the poor health habits that children are developing at an early age are only getting worse as they get older.

We’ve seen, over the last decade or so, an increase in the amount of focus being paid to childhood obesity from both parents and the government. In 2010, former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, served as the honorary chair for the Partnership for a Healthier America and announced her Let’s Move campaign which is aiming to decrease childhood obesity, as a whole, to 5% by the year 2030. This fully encompassing campaign includes everything from support to the parents to the provision of healthier foods in schools and more physical activity for children of all ages.

“Our Let’s Move! Active Schools program has allowed 9 million kids to get 60 minutes of much needed physical activity each day, and while we’ve made real progress, we still have a long way to go.”

So, basically – children are struggling with obesity, Type 2 diabetes, in children, is on the rise, and to top everything off, physical education is being cut across the entire country. This is where FUN BUS steps in! The services that our mobile franchise provides, at FUN BUS, are greatly needed and it’s affordable, convenient, and effective.

When asked if I’m loving FUN BUS, I always answer: Definitely! My passion is for connecting with people, especially kids, and providing positive reinforcement and building self-esteem. FUN BUS is perfect for that.

– Joe Texeira
FUN BUS FUNtrepreneur

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One of the things that draws our FUNtrepreneurs to FUN BUS kids franchise is the quick return on investment, thanks to the fast ramp-up times and low-investment costs. For every one of our FUNtrepreneurs, though, FUN BUS goes well beyond the financial rewards.

To see a child’s eyes light up at the mention of FUN BUS, to hear how you’re having a positive effect on the confidence and motor skills of a parent’s child, and knowing that you’re having a lasting, positive effect on everybody in your community – these are just a few of the things that makes FUN BUS mobile franchise so extraordinary!

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